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Welcome to Rapid Rotation Storm Tours. We’ve been providing storm chasing tours throughout Tornado Alley since 2013, and although our company is relatively new to storm chasing tours, our guides are not! Storm chasing tour company owner Chris McBee is well known for his decade-long success at capturing the storm in photos and on video. His social media reach has grown exponentially due to ability to be on top of the storm when things get tough. Chris and his storm chasing tour co-owner Damon Bearden have reported storm warnings and tornado emergencies in severe weather events such as the 2013 Moore, OK tornado and 2014 Pilger, NE twin tornadoes. Chris has also been on the scene for the May 24, 2011 Lookeba, OK wedge tornado, as well as the Mulvane, KS tornado of June 12, 2004. Loving the chase and knowing that others would enjoy it as well, Chris and Damon started Rapid Rotation Storm Tours to make storm chasing a reality for everyone without sacrificing safety.
Join us this 2015 severe weather season for the storm chasing opportunity of a lifetime! We offer ten-day, seven-day and on-call storm chasing tours based out of either Oklahoma City, OK or Denver, CO. Choose either Historic Route 66 or the majestic Rocky Mountains as the backdrop to the start of your journey as we chase storms north, south, east and west across Tornado Alley.




Seats Still Available!

North, South, East, West. Oklahoma City is the perfect central location for chasing storms in late May. Expect lightning, tornadoes, high winds and hot weather for this trip!


Seats Still Available!

Expect to head north for this tour, although more southern targets have occasionally occurred. Last year we filmed several storms around Colorado and Nebraska. This year might take us into the Dakotas!


Last Tour of the Season!

Our only trip originating from Denver takes us to the heart of Tornado Alley within a few hours, while also giving us easy access to the Rocky Mountains for off days. Prepare to chase the northern half the USA!